Jack Dahlqvist

Jack Dahlqvist: Before & After

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Artist: Jack Dahlqvist

Artist: Jack Dahlqvist
Title: Before & After

With only a handful of songs, and a lot of passion, Melbourne based guitarist/singer/songwriter Jack Dahlqvist's full-length release 'Before and After' is one CD to get your ears around. In fact, upon first listening you'll notice Jack has mastered the art of ensnaring the listener, whatever particular style he's delving into. With big guitars, a steady beat and yearning pop vocals you instantly connect with his songs. Then unleashing guitars to bring chorus's as angry/loving as infectious. It's very cat and mouse but it works so well you'll want more. It's funny to think how many bands scramble to think of something unique when sometimes all that's needed is a different point of view and this is exactly that. Music through someone's eyes. Songs like "Tell Me You Lies" will put a chill down your spine with an intimate vocal. Then you have "Confused" and "Girl Alone" songs that just bring back memories. On the rockier side you have songs that tap into elements of pop-punk, pop, screamo, and metal, Jack combines them in a way that's both surprising and invigorating. The first 3 opening tracks make you sit up and take notice and it's these same songs that open for a great live show. Definately worth a listen!

1.1 Just Close Your Eyes
1.2 Underground
1.3 Falling
1.4 Walkaway
1.5 Tell Me Your Lies
1.6 Confused
1.7 Can You Hear Me
1.8 Day By Day
1.9 Why
1.10 You Are
1.11 When I See You
1.12 Girl Alone

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