Jack Spann

Jack Spann: Beautiful Man From Mars

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jack Spann

Title: Beautiful Man From Mars
Label: Big Boo Music

2017 release. Jack Spann has had an incredible couple of years. The Saint Louis native has lived in New York City for the last 16 years and established himself as one of the city's in-demand keyboardists. His reputation led to an introduction to David Bowie's producer, Tony Visconti who hired him to play on the demos for what would be Bowie's final album, Blackstar. Jack Spann is someone who's impassioned and obsessed with expressing truth through music. He is someone who performs emotionally and with pure abandon." I will spend hours and hours and hours writing the perfect line and I really want to make sure people 'get it' - the idea with the original intent, when I deliver it," he explains, "I care foremost about making them feel the same emotion that drove me to create it in the first place."

1.1 Beautiful Man from Mars
1.2 Time
1.3 Lies
1.4 She Makes Pornography on the Weekend
1.5 Songman
1.6 Fear or Loyalty
1.7 Deep Inside
1.8 I'm a Bird
1.9 Snooty Acres
1.10 Mars in Twighlight
1.11 Just Another Version of You
1.12 Jack Around
1.13 Man from Mars Reprise

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