Jack Starr

Jack Starr: Born Petrified

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Jack Starr

Artist: Jack Starr
Title: Born Petrified
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 Crazy Rock (Bald Headed Woman ; a Long Haired Man)
1.2 My Love for You Is Petrified
1.3 Come on
1.4 Born Bad
1.5 You Only Live Once
1.6 Done Away with the Mean Old Blues
1.7 Patty McCrombie
1.8 Sweet Chick
1.9 Rumble at Flagpole Hill
1.10 Halloween Party
1.11 Constellation of a Fool
1.12 I Love My Baby
1.13 My Baby Don't Care
1.14 Radio Spot for the Astonishing Soto
1.15 I Need Your Luven
1.16 Our Favourite Recording Sessions
1.17 Beat Doll
1.18 Godzilla We Love You
1.19 Love Me Today
1.20 Radio Spot for the Great Munzini
1.21 Show Me What You Do
1.22 Pain (Gimme Sympathy)

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