Jacket Weather

Jacket Weather: Split with I Hear Sirens & the Highwire Act

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Artist: Jacket Weather

Artist: Jacket Weather
Title: Split with I Hear Sirens & the Highwire Act

Jacket Weather. From Provo/Salt Lake City, Utah area. Formed by old and new friends, playing old and new songs. Influenced by the dynamics of indie and post-hardcore bands from the mid-late 90s.

1.1 Everything Is New - Jacket Weather
1.2 Nova - Jacket Weather
1.3 Moonlight Magnolia - Jacket Weather
1.4 Armageddon It on - the Highwire Act
1.5 Cleansing - the Highwire Act
1.6 A New Perspective - the Highwire Act
1.7 Intermission - I Hear Sirens
1.8 The March - I Hear Sirens

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