Jackie Leven

Jackie Leven: Elegy for Johnny Cash

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jackie Leven

Title: Elegy for Johnny Cash
Label: Cooking Vinyl

Elegy for Johnny Cash is a different kind of studio album from Jackie Leven, containing elements of Americana, Hip-Hop, and the picking of bright shiny objects from many other music genres, all wrapped up in great and unique style by the master musician that is Jackie Leven. The title track, 'Elegy for Johnny Cash' comes from Jackie's appreciation of the beautiful last records of Johnny Cash, as recorded by Rick Rubin. Says Jackie, 'I admired the artist Johnny Cash but did not particularly engage with him until I heard these fantastic recordings on which he is able to take any song and sing it with such beauty and courage that it breaks your heart. My song, 'Elegy', which I sing as if I was Johnny Cash, imagines his last singing performance as he passes from this world to the next, and he gives US one last picture of his life'. Cooking Vinyl. 2005.

1.1 Blue Soul Dark Road
1.2 Museum of Childhood
1.3 Elegy for Johnny Cash
1.4 The Law of Tide
1.5 All the Rage
1.6 No Honour in This Love
1.7 Vibration White Finger
1.8 King of the Barley
1.9 And You'll Never Hear Surf Music Again
1.10 In Memory of My Mother
1.11 Gladly Go Blind
1.12 Why Log Truck Drivers Rise Earlier Than Students of Zen

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