Jacknife Lee

Jacknife Lee: The Studio (Feat. Bibi Bourelly and Barny Fletcher

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Jacknife Lee

Title: The Studio (Feat. Bibi Bourelly and Barny Fletcher
Label: Slow Kids Records
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Bibi came to the studio for a few hours one day and we did two songs The Studio and That's What All Boys Do. She's fantastic, really intuitive, sharp and speedy. I had some of the beat and groove and we talked about her journey to the States and this song pretty much summed up the conversation. I felt it needed another vocal flavor and met Barny Fletcher, the dynamo. From the moment we met he never stopped singing and rapping and i put this in front of him". "The day after Bibi came to Topanga, Earl St Clair showed. They know each other. Earl has a wild energy and tone to his voice that i love. I had the beat ready and had also become obsessed with Attica Blues by Archie Shepp. I wanted I'm Getting Tired to reach the same level of intensity. I had worked with Beth Ditto on her last record and asked her to sing on this. She has a voice like no other, punk gospel. I'm so proud of this one.

1.1 The Studio (Feat. Bibi Bourelly and Barny Fletcher)
1.2 I'm Getting Tired (Feat. Earl St Clair and Beth Ditto)

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