Jackson Garrett

Jackson Garrett: Speechless

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Artist: Jackson Garrett

Artist: Jackson Garrett
Title: Speechless

Featuring Pat Rizzo (formerly of Sly And The Family Stone, War, Frank Sinatra), Steve Madaio (session player on such hits as 'I Wish' by Stevie Wonder and 'September' by Earth, Wind and Fire, and countless other hit pop tunes), and introducing trombonist Kenny Meier. With the rock-solid rhythm section, these horn players shine on this instrumental interpretation of Jackson Garrett's earlier vocal CD 'Cool And Easy'

1.1 Just One More Time
1.2 Slow Down, Boy!
1.3 Back in Time
1.4 Cool and Easy
1.5 Kisses All Around
1.6 Downtown with You
1.7 Give a Little Bit to Me
1.8 Champagne Tower
1.9 Big Baby
1.10 I Don't Wanna See You
1.11 Around and Around
1.12 We Gotta Go

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