Jacob & Jordan

Jacob & Jordan: Acoustic EP

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Artist: Jacob & Jordan

Artist: Jacob & Jordan
Title: Acoustic EP

Jacob Wood and Jordan Young formed their dynamic duo later in the year of 2012. They have now found themselves playing shows and writing regularly. With the release of their first EP, in April of 2013 things started getting real for the two down to earth city boys as they now play everywhere they can enjoying every minute of it. Their sound is very dynamic yet easy on the ears while still maintaing a certain edge that is hard to find. Their sound has been called rock, folk, country, pop and has even been thought of having traces of R&B. Their music is generally focused around their beliefs as Christian artists, with songs focused on positive messages such as redemption, forgiveness and love.

1.1 Who Says
1.2 Trampled Flowers
1.3 Psalm 86
1.4 Clean Up the Mess of Me
1.5 You to Thank

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