Jahnavi Jayaprakash: Legacy

Jahnavi Jayaprakash: Legacy
Title: Legacy
Label: CD Baby

Jahnavi Jayaprakash was one of the greatest Carnatic singers of the 20th century. She was endowed with a rich and melodious voice, encompassing three octaves with ease, which had precision, tone perfection and clarity. A true guru, the great depths of her musical energy and creativity inspired an entire generation of musicians in Amsterdam. This compilation disk of classic and adventurous works shows the beauty and power of her artistry at her prime. Includes booklet with her biography, photographs and tribute texts. In 1999 the Karnatic Lab was created out of her wave of inspiration and she performed there in the first season to a standing-room-only crowd. Since the creation of Karnatic Lab Records in 2005, it has always been planned to save our first catalog number for Jahnavi. We have compiled this disc of classic recordings of hers as a way to remember the great depth of her artistry and to share it with others. It was made possible with the financial and moral support of many artists in Amsterdam who knew Jahnavi and gained inspiration from her.

1.1 Jahnavi Jayaprakash: Mallari
1.2 Purandara Dasa: Kriti
1.3 Purandara Dasa: Kriti
1.4 Jahnavi Jayaprakash: Pallavi
1.5 Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna: Tillana
1.6 Meera Bhajan

Jahnavi Jayaprakash: Legacy

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