Jake Schepps: Ten Thousand Leaves

Jake Schepps: Ten Thousand Leaves
Title: Ten Thousand Leaves
Label: CD Baby

Jake Schepps takes stringband music on another adventure with the release of Ten Thousand Leaves. With engaging, dynamic material that reflects the Colorado aesthetic of roots music, the album focuses on creative composition, melodic ideas and tasteful solos. Produced by Nashville's Matt Flinner, the album remains true to the artistic values of stringband, yet draws on certain jazz sensibilities, such as extensive musical interplay and more extended harmonies. This all-instrumental album includes original compositions by Schepps, with additions from Matt Flinner, Greg Schochet, and Eric Thorin. The material includes an Astor Piazzolla tango arranged for stringband, and a brand new Flinner tune composed specifically for this project. The centerpiece is a through-composed suite inspired by Richard Avedon's series of portraits titled, "In the American West." As Sing Out Magazine states, Schepps plays "nothing less than excellent music, in both form and function. Thoughtfully constructed arrangements provide depth and breadth, leaving no stone unturned, no player out in the cold." The Expedition Quartet: Jake Schepps: 5-string banjo Ryan Drickey: violin Greg Schochet: guitar and mandolin Eric Thorin: bass Special Guests: Matt Flinner: mandolin Adam Aijala: guitar 'Jake Schepps's plays well and his music is beautiful. Rather than being overtly bold or edgy, his performance is covertly calculating and intuitive, melodies easy to remember, yet always fresh and never redundant. 'Progressive' string bands should always be this easy to listen to.' JazzMando.com.

1.1 Todo Buenos Aires - Jake Schepps, Piazzolla, Astor
1.2 The Seagull - Jake Schepps, Flinner, Matt
1.3 Origami
1.4 In the American West: Somerset
1.5 In the American West: Chimayo
1.6 In the American West: Rocky Ford
1.7 Bluegrass Schlep - Jake Schepps, Schochet, Greg
1.8 The Zipper
1.9 Lodi - Jake Schepps, Thorin, Eric
1.10 The Rise
1.11 Cute-Nik

Jake Schepps: Ten Thousand Leaves

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