Jamal Evans

Jamal Evans: Versatile

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Artist: Jamal Evans

Artist: Jamal Evans
Title: Versatile

Jamal has a rich musical background and is part of a family of entertainers. He has worked with independent artists and seasoned professionals alike. A real performing artist, Jamal sings, plays 11 musical instruments, writes, produces, and performs most of his own music. Versatile is a journey through his musical background. Starting in Rock and Rock with young rock group The Zones, going to Reggae with In Demand, turning to SKA with The Beat Brigade, and returning home to R&B/Hip Hop with The Parker Production; Jamal has many influences that are all on display in 'Versatile'. Jamal has worked with seasoned professionals such as Tony Terry, The Cover Girls, Martha Wash, Boys II Men, Surface, the late Phyllis Hyman, the late great Aaliyah, Sandra St Vincent, Freddie Jackson, and Chaka Khan to name a few. Martha Wash of Two Tons of Fun/Weather Girls was quoted saying, 'He is an extremely talented individual and great fun to be around.' Tony Terry said, 'He is a very talented fun guy to be around, however all the while serious music is being created.' His family were part of international vocal groups such as The Four Kents and the international super group The London Beat. Talent runs deep in Jamal's veins and you can experience that talent from the inside out by listening to 'Versatile'. Recently featured in Newark's Vista newsletter where is recognized for his business experience and musical talent. Talent is timeless, Jamal has been quoted saying, and people will experience talent personified by following Jamal Evans. Pick up your copy of Versatile today!

1.1 Morning Mash Up Promo
1.2 Pump
1.3 It's Not a Dream
1.4 You're the One
1.5 Let's Take a Ride
1.6 Sweet Love Os90
1.7 Versatile
1.8 Without You
1.9 Loving You
1.10 It's Alright
1.11 Stay Together
1.12 Where's Your Man

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