Jamantics: World of Make Believe

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Artist: Jamantics

Artist: Jamantics
Title: World of Make Believe

With over 90 shows under their belt for 2010 Jamantics continue to feed on the good vibes of a loyal and enthusiastic fanbase, Jamantics exploded onto the New England music scene in early 2009 and has steadily expanded ever since, spreading their energetic funky rock jams to all corners of the greater New England area. The Concord, NH based group earned an Editor's Choice for Best Jam Band from New Hampshire Magazine in 2010, they won Best Original Band in the Concord Insider's "Cappies" Awards, and were runner-up in The Hippo Press's annual Best of contest for all of southern NH. They have shared a stage with such bands as Little Feat, RAQ, The Breakfast, Roots of Creation, Barefoot Truth and many others at some of the best venues in the area, including Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. They've played benefits for various causes, including headlining at Concord's "Rock 'N' Race" to raise money for cancer research. The five members bring varied musical backgrounds into the mix, creating a unique sound. Lead singer Masceo spent years as a singer/songwriter before moving behind the drums, vacating the position of rhythm guitarist for Lucas Gallo who occasionally steps forward to act as lead singer on his own songs. Eric Reingold holds down the bass line while helping Masceo in the percussion section with beat-boxing or a hand-drum. Award-winning Celtic fiddler Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki puts on his funk hat to trade solos and harmonize melodies with Freeland Hubbard, lefty lead-guitarist of ferocious funkiness who, like Lucas, occasionally serves as lead singer on his own compositions. A balance of structured songwriting and free improvisation by all members of the band insures that fans will be able to sing along to their favorite songs, but still be surprised when they are never played the same way twice. An ever-expanding repertoire of originals and creatively reinterpreted covers also serves to keep fans on their toes.

1.1 Dope Blonde
1.2 Walk Wandering Traveler
1.3 Yawateg!
1.4 Keep It Clean

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