Jamboree: Aka Disc Jockey Jamboree / O.S.T.

Jamboree: Aka Disc Jockey Jamboree / O.S.T.: Jamboree (aka Disc Jockey Jamboree) (Original Soundtrack)

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Product Type: CD

Title: Jamboree (aka Disc Jockey Jamboree) (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Jasmine

EU-only collection. This release and it's companion Go, Johnny Go! Consist of the soundtracks for the two legendary 1950s rock and roll movies of the same name. Neither of these movies ever had a commercially released soundtrack LP but in both cases the producers manufactured an LP for promotional purposes only. Jasmine Records are now proud to make these two collections available for the first time ever. As a bonus they have also featured across both CDs the soundtrack from a very obscure 1956 movie Rockin' The Blues which featured R&B vocal groups and soloists performing in concert, many of which were never released on record by the artists. This is a must have for rock and roll fans and includes different versions of popular songs such as "Great Balls of Fire" from the original singles.

1.1 Jamboree! - Count Basie and His Orchestra
1.2 Record Hop Tonight - Andy Martin
1.3 For Children of All Ages - Connie Francis
1.4 Glad All Over - Carl Perkins
1.5 Who Are We to Say - Connie Francis and Paul Carr
1.6 Teacher's Pet - Frankie Avalon W/Rocco and the Saints
1.7 Siempre - Connie Francis
1.8 Cool Baby - Charlie Gracie
1.9 Sayonara - Jodie Sands
1.10 Great Balls of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis
1.11 Toreador - Ron Coby
1.12 Your Last Chance - Lewis Lymon ; the Teenchords
1.13 If Not for You - Paul Carr
1.14 Unchain My Heart - Slim Whitman
1.15 A Broken Promise - the Four Coins
1.16 One O' Clock Jump - Count Basie ; His Orchestra
1.17 I Don't Like You No More - Joe Williams
1.18 Crazy to Care - Martha Lou Harp
1.19 Cross Over - Jimmy Bowen
1.20 Hula Love - Buddy Knox
1.21 Wait and See - Fats Domino
1.22 Twenty Four Hours a Day - Connie Francis and Paul Carr
1.23 Rock and Roll Is the Latest Fad - Connie Carrol
1.24 High Flyin' Baby - the Harptones
1.25 I Can't Wait - Pearl Woods ; the Wanderers
1.26 You May Not Know - the Hurricanes
1.27 Don't Be That Way - Reese la Rue
1.28 Baby Please Come Home Fast - Linda Hopkins
1.29 My First Last and Only Girl - the Wanderers
1.30 Everybody's Having a Ball - the Miller Sisters

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