James Blackshaw: All Is Falling

James Blackshaw: All Is Falling
Title: All Is Falling
Label: Young God Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

The ultra savant of 12-string mantra cycles expands further into cinematic, orchestral glory-an orgy of organic, deeply felt and exquisitely played pathways to the sublime. All Is Falling features James Blackshaw's first foray into the realm of the electric 12-string guitar and stretches his intuitive compositional acumen to the max. The album is comprised of one slowly evolving, shifting piece of music in eight parts, replete with swirling string cycles and wind instruments augmenting his extended pointillist flurries with clouds of sound, sometimes adding delicate counter-melodies but just as often feeding the implicit waves of overtones until they cascade in an all-enveloping onslaught. Listeners willing to close their eyes and surrender will be rewarded with a pure stream of devotional, relentlessly searching sonic incantation.

1.1 Part 1
1.2 Part 2
1.3 Part 3
1.4 Part 4
1.5 Part 5
1.6 Part 6
1.7 Part 7
1.8 Part 8

James Blackshaw: All Is Falling

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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