James Durbin

James Durbin: Celebrate

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Artist: James Durbin

Artist: James Durbin
Title: Celebrate

2014 album from the AMERICAN IDOL contestant. James Durbin is known for giving metal a chance on Season 10 of AMERICAN IDOL and pushing to keep rock alive on his 2011 debut, MEMORIES OF a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER. But take a deeper look inside Durbin's musical soul and for every Judas Priest song he loved, there was one by the Beatles. For every Sammy Hagar, there was a Michael Jackson. For every ounce of metal that soared through his veins, there were equal amounts of pop hooks, catchy melodies, and sing-along lyrics pumping through his musical heart. It's this musical juxtaposition of rock and pop that Durbin offers up on his eagerly awaited sophomore album, CELEBRATE.

1.1 Children Under the Sun
1.2 Parachute
1.3 You Can't Believe
1.4 Issues
1.5 Fool for You
1.6 Louder Than a Loaded Gun
1.7 Live Right Now
1.8 You're Not Alone
1.9 Forget It
1.10 Celebrate
1.11 Real Love

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