James Harris Gruft: From Earth to Milky Way

James Harris Gruft: From Earth to Milky Way
Title: From Earth to Milky Way
Label: CD Baby

James Gruft has been writing music since he was nine years old. He studied music at Tappen Zee High School, the University of Vermont, Sonoma State University and Berkeley School of Music. He performed in a multi-media group in NYC called Living Folly which had a 5-person Light Show directed by Lucas (Rico) Corrubia. While living in California and studying at Sonoma State University, he recorded 2 albums of spiritual songs at Banquet Studios in Sebastopol with Warren Dennis Kahn. Moving back to NYC, James formed a duet called Suffering Clams with John Newcott (NewK). Eventually, NewK and Jimmie formed a rock trio with Rob Perl named CORE. After the breakup of that band and before returning home to rock & roll, he set out to express different forms of spiritual longing by writing the instrumental tone-poems in From Earth to Milky Way. The title phrase is taken from a poem written by the great poet saint, Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj: ' Wherever I traveled, From earth to milky way, I saw love at every step, And beauty in every glance.' Of James Gruft's music, Richard Dworsky, pianist and Music Director for A Prairie Home Companion, wrote: 'James Gruft's music has always haunted me .... In a sweet and intoxicating way . This collection is aptly titled ' From the Earth to the Milky Way ' because James' passionate music reflects the ecstasy and painful longing that accompany a soul on it's journey from the mundane to the heavenly . The music is clearly inspired, and I'm sure listeners will find it equally inspirational . ' The rock group, Gruft & NewK is finishing up it's first album (No One Wants to Forget) and EP (It Is What It Is).

1.1 Phoenix
1.2 Kirpal's Rainbow
1.3 Father, Father, Father
1.4 Prelude
1.5 King of the Lions
1.6 Darshan Line
1.7 Soul Knight
1.8 Stadium
1.9 Journey's End
1.10 Out of the Wheel
1.11 Spirit's Waltz
1.12 Journey

James Harris Gruft: From Earth to Milky Way

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