James Horner

James Horner: Titanic (Original Soundtrack)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: James Horner

Title: Titanic (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Music on CD

Horner uses all his expertise with seafaring and action-adventure themes in creating one of the most popular film scores in history. Starting with Celtic-inspired motifs that evoke both the nautical theme and the haunting realization that the Titanic went to the bottom on that cold April night in 1912. Horner's score runs the gamut from excitement and wonder (3. "Southampton") to love and romance (4. "Rose"), confidence and exuberance (6. "Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch), and finally to disaster and doom (10. "Death Of Titanic") after the fatal collision between the late, great "White Star" liner and that iceberg. The entire album is instrumental except for "My Heart Will Go On", sung by Celine Dion. Disc Two contains 15 songs by I Salonisti chamber music ensemble, the Titanic's ship band.

1.1 Never An Absolution
1.2 Distant Memories
1.3 Southhampton
1.4 Rose
1.5 Leaving Port
1.6 Take Her to the Sea Mr. Murdoch
1.7 Hard to Starboard
1.8 Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave
1.9 The Sinking
1.10 Death of Titanic
1.11 A Promise Kept
1.12 A Life So Changed
1.13 An Ocean of Memories
1.14 My Heart Will Go on (Love Theme from 'Titanic') By Céline Dion
1.15 Hymn to the Sea
2.1 Valse Septembre
2.2 Marguerite Waltz
2.3 Wedding Dance
2.4 Poet and Peasant
2.5 Blue Danube
2.6 Song Without Words
2.7 Estudiantina
2.8 Vision of Salome
2.9 Titsy Bitsy Girl
2.10 Alexander's Ragtime Band
2.11 Sphinx
2.12 Barcarole
2.13 Orpheus
2.14 Song of Autumn
2.15 Nearer My God to Thee

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