James K

James K: Sokit

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
Artist: James K

Title: Sokit
Label: Uno Nyc
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Bubbling up within underground music communities Jamie Krasner has been making her mark on electronic music under a number of names and collaborative projects. Those with an ear to the ground will recognize her as one-half of noise pop duo SETH alongside Gobby. Now Jamie branches out into solo work fusing visual and sonic elements into a unique mythology. Having emerged from scenes spanning Providence, Oakland, Berlin and New York, location means little in relation to the work of James K. Her travels have allowed her to absorb each city's distinctive creative energy and influences. Each of her stints in various cities has contributed to the New York native's current sound, which she has quietly honed in on creating aesthetic that is wholly her own. Though she spent many formative years in the noise and DIY scenes in Providence and Oakland her time in Berlin and New York has allowed her to soak up both city's vibrant club scenes. Vogue remarks "she's the sort of art-pop musician never content with a single creative outlet, and someone who, despite the fact that you've never heard of her, is shockingly prolific". James K is making music to experiment and the four videos for tracks from this album reect the same reaching, extracting feeling of that search. Images play around, images that look and give o sensation. That process is James K's way of abstracting sounds, in the lead up to her debut LP in 2015.

1.1 Sokit to Me Baby
1.2 Paranormal

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