Jamey Shannon

Jamey Shannon: Something I've Got to Say

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Artist: Jamey Shannon

Artist: Jamey Shannon
Title: Something I've Got to Say

This is a collection of songs written over of period of many years. Included are the stories and the circumstances surrounding the writting of each song. Many of the people who have listened to the recording comment on how they relate events of their life to one or more of songs on this project. Some songs are funny, some are from the scriptures, and there's even a love song! The style ranges from Christian to blues, from delta blues to rock, and from country to pop! I hope a song on this project touches you in some way, enjoy!

1.1 All the Chords
1.2 Castles in the Sand
1.3 Small House
1.4 Christian Accord
1.5 Rock'n Roller
1.6 I Overheard Something Profound
1.7 The Kiss
1.8 Christian Castle
1.9 Dreams
1.10 Psalm 19:14
1.11 Your World
1.12 Amazing Grace/Doxology

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