Jamie Richards

Jamie Richards: Forty Foot High

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Artist: Jamie Richards

Artist: Jamie Richards
Title: Forty Foot High

All of the songs on this CD are original songs written by Rick Sikes. All but the title song were recorded inside the walls of Leavenworth Penitentiary in a makeshift studio. The title song was written by Rick, but put to music and recorded by Jamie Richards. This album is the preservation of a bit of music history that would otherwise remain unknown.

1.1 Forty Foot High (Feat. Jamie Richards)
1.2 From the Bottle to the Needle
1.3 Dreaming Easy
1.4 Within Your Arms
1.5 Soap Creek Saloon
1.6 Trouble Is
1.7 Toss Your Hat in the Ring
1.8 Leftover Feelings
1.9 Ol' Texas Red
1.10 Making Love Watching Ufos
1.11 Hello Honey Hello

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