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Jamie Soles: Pure Words

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Artist: Jamie Soles

Artist: Jamie Soles
Title: Pure Words

Jamie Soles is a singer/songwriter from Alberta, Canada, who is known around the world as a children's musician and a purveyor of Bible story songs and Psalm versions. He is the husband of one and the father of eight, and has produced more albums than children. He wants to be able to write a song for every Psalm and for every story before he dies, but he acknowledges that he may have to live for 500 years or so to accomplish this... Jamie is an elder in his home church, and is responsible for the music of the congregation. He expects that he will tour more when his children are gone from home, and his congregation has grown some, but just now they need him there most of the time. So if you get a chance to see him in concert, count yourself lucky! Pure Words is an album full of songs which will enable the modern church to be able to sing the Psalms again. It covers a wide range of styles, but all of them suited to congregational song. Jamie has taken care to stick to the text in a word-for-word fashion on most of the songs, and has tried to put himself in the psalmist's shoes, and to create music which matches the mood of the psalmist. This is a very well-crafted album by a skilled musician, you will be sure to enjoy it!

1.1 Tree (Psalm 1)
1.2 Kiss the Son (Psalm 2)
1.3 Lifter of My Head (Psalm 3)
1.4 Trust (Psalm 4)
1.5 Give Ear to My Words (Psalm 5)
1.6 Turn, O Lord (Psalm 6)
1.7 Yahweh My God (Psalm 7)
1.8 How Excellent (Psalm 8)
1.9 Why Do You Stand Far Off (Psalm 10)
1.10 Behold His Face (Psalm 11)
1.11 Pure Words (Psalm 12)
1.12 Consider (Psalm 13)
1.13 The Fool Says (Psalm 14)
1.14 Holy Hill (Psalm 15)
1.15 Preserve Me O God (Psalm 16)
1.16 Yahweh My God (Psalm 7) [Remix]

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