Jan Novotka

Jan Novotka: In the Name of All That Is

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Artist: Jan Novotka

Artist: Jan Novotka
Title: In the Name of All That Is

Jan is an eco-spiritual songwriter. Her music embraces the new cosmology, quantum physics, the emerging shift in consciousness, cutting edge spirituality, and bridges it all with traditional teachings, especially Catholic Christian. What an amazing gift to those who are in the tradition while breaking it open into something larger. Jan has been writing eco-spiritual music since 1994. She studied at Genesis Farm, Blairstown, NJ, receiving a certificate in Earth Literacy. She has preformed her music across the United States and now offers not only concerts but retreats and workshops as well. Jan's four CDs: Melodies of the Universe, In the Name of ALL THAT IS, Together in the Great Work, and Ever Ancient, Ever New are listened around the world: Australia, Ireland, Philipines, North Korea, Eastern Europe, Netherlands, Canada, South America and more. Her songs have been translated into other languages and are used regularly for Earth Literacy programs, by retreat centers and by Religious Congregations of Sisters and church Congregations of various denominations. Jan is currently working on a CD that will be an aid in the emergence of a new dimension of consciousness. Though Jan has not studied music professionally, it seems there is a higher power that flows through her to create simple, easy to sing songs and chants. Her music is used for all sorts of occasions, from solstice celebrations, to vow ceremonies, to comissioning services, to funeral services and others.

1.1 In the Name of All That Is
1.2 All I Do Today
1.3 Recieve
1.4 Movin' Toward Mornin'
1.5 Goodbye, My Friend
1.6 Behold! the Holy One
1.7 Blessing of Food
1.8 Blessed Darkness
1.9 Earth Family
1.10 Garden Song
1.11 Bearing Witness (To Earth's Pain)
1.12 Kyrie (For the Planet)
1.13 Rise Up

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