Jane Getz

Jane Getz: Go Back To Your Wife

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Artist: Jane Getz

Artist: Jane Getz
Title: Go Back To Your Wife

2018 release. Jane Getz is no stranger to cult figures. As a teenager she performed with jazz legends Charles Mingus, Roland Kirk and Stan Getz (no relation). Between gigs she played with Jimmie Hendrix, and as an LA session pianist she recorded with Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson and John Lennon. Now focusing on her own music and career, the singer/songwriter has produced a stunning album called "Go Back To Your Wife." It's high voltage title song is a case study in female empowerment, but tracks like "In the Wilds of Alaska" and "I Need A Dog" offer surprising musical depth and some wry observations about life in the 21st century. This collection will do nothing to harm Ms. Getz's own cult status.

1.1 Go Back to Your Wife
1.2 Lady Jane
1.3 Treasure Island
1.4 Love Should Be Easy
1.5 Gonna Get What You Prayed for
1.6 Which Way the Wind Blows
1.7 In the Wilds of Alaska
1.8 I Need a Dog
1.9 Amelia
1.10 Man from Aberdeen
1.11 If Only
1.12 Mandolin Stars

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