Jane Lui: Teargirl

Jane Lui: Teargirl
Title: Teargirl
Label: CD Baby

Stories may have characters, yet the focus is often away from it's source of voice, the Narrator. This voice, one of trust and power, will often speak with wisdom and objectivity. Yet who is to say that she must stay unbiased and heartless? Jane's debut solo album is named after it's emotive voice and narrator, Teargirl. She will sing through this book of tales in a voice of belief, question, and passion. The details of each character is translated into sounds and songs that are humbly tender with devilish fantasy. Raised in Hong Kong, Jane began playing piano age 4. With a noticeably keen ear for music she later began teaching herself voice by observing and imitating her idol, Anita Mui. After years of practice and formal education she received her music degree from San Diego State University. Upon graduation Jane began making waves in the San Diego music scene as part of the power pop duo Jason And Jane by opening for the likes of Jason Mraz, Lisa Sanders, and Emm Gryner and quickly establishing her reputation as a singer/songwriter of merit. On Valentine's Day 2004, Jane officially launched her solo career. After only composing for a year, she has already shared stages with local well-knowns Gregory Page, Lisa Sanders, Robin Henkel [SDMusicAwards Best Blues Album], Greg Laswell [SDMusicAwards Best Recording], Danielle Lo Presti and the Masses [IndieByDesign], and was invited to play at festivals such as the first annual SD Indie Music Festival, GoGirlsMusic Festival 2004, and Desert Festival. With unconventional instruments such as tablas, toy piano, harp, harpsichord, pipe organ pedals, brass, & strings, jane creates a story-book that has a life of it's own. The album was produced by Jane and Aaron Bowen, recorded & engineered by Bowen on a small 16-track Akai with real instruments, no digital editing, and no pitch corrector. --- 944, July 2005 by Vicki Marangos The first time we saw Jane play, she was on stage with Dustin Shey, performing a rendition of The Postal Service's 'Such Great Heights,' using a 10-note marimba and a toy piano. And while her sexy, captivating voice does not reveal her quirky yet undeniably charming personality, her music does offer an ample view into the inner workings of her complex imagination. Jane's new album, Teargirl, is rich with metaphor, capitalizing on stunning vocals to bring elements of fantasy to life through simple stories. In light of her first full-length, Jane launched an entire Web site dedicated to the album, where she provides fans with an up-close look at the concept behind each track, the challenges while recording and those who helped her bring it to life. Her explanations are certainly as eloquent as her craft. An absolute must-hear. --- Troubadour, July 2005 by Simeon Flick 'Jane Lui may no longer be known as just 'Jane,' formerly of Jason and Jane, after the old acolytes hear her debut CD. Teargirl finds this seasoned neophyte knocking it out of the solo artist ballpark far enough to clear the wall into the bleachers, but not enough to put the excessive pressure of an unbeatable precedent on future efforts. In other words, it's just about as ideal a debut as it gets.....'

1.1 Yellow Light
1.2 Pigeon Woman
1.3 Blackest Crow
1.4 Blue Square
1.5 Freddie Goodtime
1.6 Playing God
1.7 Years of Roses
1.8 Phaedon
1.9 Marvelous
1.10 Rainbow Sleeve
1.11 Pigeon Woman

Jane Lui: Teargirl

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