Janet McBride

Janet McBride: Happy Yodeling Cowgirl

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Janet McBride

Title: Happy Yodeling Cowgirl
Label: CD Baby

This CD features a portion of tape found after Patsy Montana passed away and the song A Cowgirl's Dream features that piece of tape with Patsy singing. This song was nominated for a Grammy and was nominated for Western Music's Song of the Year in 2006 Patsy Montana was the person who wrote and recorded I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart in 1935 and is the first woman to sell a Million Records.

1.1 A Cowgirl's Dream W/Patsy Montana
1.2 Whatever Happened to the Yodeling Cowgirls
1.3 Singing My Song of the Trail
1.4 Santa's Yodeling Song
1.5 I Only Want a Buddy Not a Sweetheart
1.6 Casting My Lasso
1.7 I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart
1.8 Yodel Mountain
1.9 Yodeling Lesson
1.10 Singing the Blues
1.11 I'm Gonna' Dream My Way to a Swiss Chalet
1.12 Happy Yodeling Cowgirl
1.13 A Yodelers Dream W/Mark McBride
1.14 There's a Silver Moon on the Golden Gate W/Emma Tucker 1984

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