Janet McGarry

Janet McGarry: He Will Bring You Home

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Janet McGarry

Artist: Janet McGarry
Title: He Will Bring You Home

1.1 Light at the River
1.2 Are You Afraid to Die
1.3 Vision of Mother
1.4 Your Long Journey
1.5 Love That Shines
1.6 I'll Not Be a Stranger
1.7 Calling My Children Home
1.8 I'm Going Home on the Morning Train
1.9 By the Mark
1.10 Lord Send Your Angels
1.11 Kneel on Your Knees and Pray
1.12 Footprints
1.13 Mount Zion's Lofty Heights
1.14 Lord It's a Hard Road Home
1.15 He'll Bring You Home

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