Janice Brown

Janice Brown: I Am Still Holding on

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Janice Brown

Title: I Am Still Holding on
Label: CD Baby

'I AM STILL HOLDING ON' is Janice Brown's first solo album since the late 80's. In 2001 her song, 'Rough Side Of The Mountain,' was voted by the music professional community as on the 'TOP 20 GOSPEL SONGS' of the 20th Century. This data was collected by New Heaven Records of Nashville, TN. 'Rough Side' outsold Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' in many market's, making it one of the MEGA HITS of all time. With Janice submittEd to the 56th GRAMMY Awards, for the 'Life Time Achievenent Award' and 'The GRAMMY Hall Of Fame Award' for 'Rough Side Of The Mountain,' she is STILL HOLDING ON. The songs written for this album by Janice, takes one to a higher place in time. The album concept by producer Jamey Stephens and her husband Bishop Monte Stephens, the father and son team, captured the true essence of this gospel music Icon. 'I AM STILL HOLDING ON' is destined to be another gospel music classic.

1.1 Thy Word
1.2 He's Got It All in Control
1.3 I'm Here
1.4 I'll Never Forsake My Savior
1.5 I Am Still Holding on
1.6 God Can Still Work It Out
1.7 Lord Heal Our Land
1.8 Our Father's Lap - Jamey Stephens
1.9 Is Your All on the Altar

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