Janice Gilbert

Janice Gilbert: Bloom

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Artist: Janice Gilbert

Artist: Janice Gilbert
Title: Bloom

Love, Hate, Relationships, Mid-West Values, Contemporary Country, Inspirational and even Folk - you will find them all in Janice Gilbert's sophomore album. The Nashville Singer/Songwriter was named the 2010 Most Promising Female Songwriter by the Tennessee Songwriters Association International. Janice was born and raised on a farm in rural South Dakota. Her life experience fuels her writing and that is evident in her songs. Four of the songs on the album were written solely by Janice including the title track Bloom. "I really feel that that is where I am right now in my songwriting career...blooming," Janice says. Critics agree that this album showcases the growth since Janice's move to Nashville in 2006 and immersing herself in the industry. Chad Shank, producer and owner of C-Sharp Productions in Minneapolis, MN said, "Wow! Bloom is just extraordinary!" The album showcases Janice's ability to write commercial Country Music such as the song I Love It When You Do That. "Many publishers have shown interest in this song and that has been so encouraging," Janice said. In fact, it is also being recorded by 4-time Grammy nominated Country Music artist Vicki Vann set to release in February 2011. The album closes with a Folk style story song inspired by her sister called Roots, which ties the theme of the album from beginning to end in a nice little bow.

1.1 Bloom
1.2 I Love It When You Do That
1.3 No One Has to Go to Be Gone
1.4 It's Where We Are
1.5 Chase Me
1.6 Braver Than You Believe
1.7 Who Needs Your Name Anyway
1.8 Ain't Worth My Hate
1.9 Happily Ever After Faster
1.10 Roots

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