Janice Kapp Perry

Janice Kapp Perry: For the Strength of Youth

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Title: For the Strength of Youth
Label: CD Baby

Youth in many stakes throughout the U.S. and Latin America have sung these songs and expressed a renewed determinated to live the standards of the Church. Music has the power to make that happen. For example, "Sixteen-It's a Magical Age" helps youth confirm that they won't date before age sixteen and will use the safeguards outlined in the pamphlet. "Modesty Is Always In Style" helps young women be more determined to choose modest fashions. "We Believe in Being Honest" helps youth know the importance of guarding their integrity. The standard of Repentance is addressed in the song "There Is Forgiveness," giving hope to those who have erred. The song "He's There for You" helps youth understand the importance of listening to the Holy Ghost, to know that they are not alone. Other songs address specific standards as well. This CD is also available in Spanish (Por la fuerza de la Juventud). Piano/vocal songbook with script also available. PHYSICAL CD ALSO CONTAINS AN INSTRUMENTAL ACCOMPANIMENT DISC FOR PERFORMANCES.

1.1 For the Strength of Youth
1.2 Sixteen, It's a Magical Age
1.3 Modesty Is Always in Style
1.4 Good Friends
1.5 We Believe in Being Honest
1.6 I Will Speak the Language of Jesus
1.7 Stand Up, Walk Away
1.8 Ye Are the Temple of God
1.9 There Is a Power in Music
1.10 Prepared for That Beautiful Day
1.11 The Sabbath Was Made for Man
1.12 There Is Forgiveness
1.13 He's There for You
1.14 For the Strength of Youth (Reprise)

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