Janie Worm

Janie Worm: Closer to Home

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Artist: Janie Worm

Artist: Janie Worm
Title: Closer to Home

About Janie: Janie Worm is a musician/singer/songwriter. All her life, she has been writing and performing music. From humble beginnings singing on her backyard swing, and serenading milk cows on her family's dairy farm in Arkansas, to current performances and recordings, music colors the tapestry of Janie's life. She has performed all across the country from intimate cafés in Arkansas, large performance halls in Minnesota, to outdoor rallies in Seattle. She possesses a charmingly shy stage presence, and when Janie closes her eyes and strums her first notes, her listeners become captivated by the passion and sincerity of her gift. She is a natural. Janie says, 'Life, to me, is about learning to love with balance and harmony. In my own journey, it is about finding those things that enliven my heart, and finding creative ways to pursue them. I truly feel that when I am doing what I love, and am giving to life with an open heart, I am being the most open instrument of love that I can possibly be. And in the act of giving, I am blessed with healing and loving energy. It's a nurturing cycle.' I am grateful that I get to work with music in this life, that it is the language my heart chooses to express itself. If all of life is music, then my hope is to hear as many of it's melodies as possible.' -Janie- --------------- What People Say About Janie's Music: 'Janie's music rings with a realness and an honesty that touches the heart when you least expect it. Her craftsmanship of songwriting and instrumental skills become richer and more prized with each passing year.' -Britta Rae Borough, professional musician 'I've never had goose bumps for such a long period at once. I started listening to your new CD's last night and only got through one of them, playing certain selections more than once. I am soooo impressed. I could just go and on....' -Andrea W. 'We genuinely love hearing your work. It is unique in progression, honestly poetic and beautiful to listen to.' -Barry C.

1.1 Closer to Home
1.2 Will I Ever Know Love?
1.3 Aria
1.4 Walkin' on
1.5 Time for My Baby
1.6 Of An Angel
1.7 These Days
1.8 Taste of Your Love
1.9 I Wish You Well
1.10 Teach Me How to Love (Remix)
1.11 The Waiting
1.12 Nothing But This
1.13 Love Will Carry Me

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