Janine Jansen: Inventions & Partita

Janine Jansen: Inventions & Partita
Title: Inventions & Partita
Label: Decca

Fresh from a triumphant concerto recording featuring Mendelssohn and Bruch, the pillars of the Romantic violin repertoire, Janine Jansen reverts to the roots of violin playing, and the music of Bach. On her latest recording, Janine performs specially transcribed for violin, viola and cello.

1.1 No.1 in C Major
1.2 No.2 in C minor
1.3 No.3 in D Major
1.4 No.4 in D minor
1.5 No.5 in E Flat Major
1.6 No.6 in E Major
1.7 No.7 in E minor
1.8 No.8 in F Major
1.9 No.9 in F minor
1.10 No.10 in G Major
1.11 No.11 in G minor
1.12 No.12 in a Major
1.13 No.13 in A minor
1.14 No.14 in B Flat Major
1.15 No.15 in B minor
1.16 I. Allemanda
1.17 II. Corrente
1.18 III. Sarabanda
1.19 IV. Giga
1.20 V. Ciaccona
1.21 No.1 in C Major
1.22 No.2 in C minor
1.23 No.3 in D Major
1.24 No.4 in D minor
1.25 No.5 in E Flat Major
1.26 No.6 in E Major
1.27 No.7 in E minor
1.28 No.8 in F Major
1.29 No.9 in F minor
1.30 No.10 in G Major
1.31 No.11 in G minor
1.32 No.12 in a Major
1.33 No.13 in A minor
1.34 No.14 in B Flat Major
1.35 No.15 in B minor

Janine Jansen: Inventions & Partita

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