Janis Elko

Janis Elko: Brutus Bit Me.

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Artist: Janis Elko

Artist: Janis Elko
Title: Brutus Bit Me.

Janis Elko is an American singer/songwriter who lives in Frankfurt, Germany. She likes to ride around on a little blue vespa and fall asleep in unusual places. When not writing melodromatic pop songs, you can find her playing guitar and singing for the indie rock band En Transit. . . . . . 'Vocalist/guitarist/songwriter/new obsession Janis Elko is the driving force behind the shimmering, simple, sophisticated, simply gorgeous Alanis-Ani-Rickie Lee Jones-Sarah-Joni inspired stunners that pack the eight-song debut from Brutus bit me. The echo of Chrissie Hynde in Elko's voice only increases the commercial and emotional appeal of this outstanding effort.' - Al Muzer, Aquarian Weekly 'The lyrics strike a delicate balance between poetry and pop.' - Alan Foster, Songwriter's Monthly 'Following in the tradition of female artists (those who rock, sing, write and do everything in between) such as Joni Mitchell, Jane Siberry, and modern day musical wonders Alanis and Ani (those who lack the pretension of, say, Jewel for instance), Janis Elko, the musical leader of Brutus Bit Me, has carved out her own little niche in the ever-burgeoning music scene which has spilled over with women rocker wannabes...' - Heidi Drockelman, Indie-music.com 'With ethereal melodies and haunting vocals, Janis [Elko] offers glimpses of chaos and ecstasy. She crafts textural, earthy pop - uptempo music that's easy to dance to, slow songs that are easy to listen to. She often draws inspiration from everyday sounds - from ticking clocks to the door chimes on the Paris Metro - which she turns over in her mind until they create a new kind of sense - and emerge as pop music.' - Ken Smith, Writer.

1.1 The Boat
1.2 Resuscitation
1.3 Song About the Subway
1.4 Correspondence 4th FL
1.5 Throwing Cities
1.6 Before
1.7 White Pages
1.8 Last Time You Checked

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