Jannos Eolou: Tango Ton Hristougennon

Jannos Eolou: Tango Ton Hristougennon
Title: Tango Ton Hristougennon
Label: CD Baby

TANGO TON HRISTOUGENNON This is the Original Soundtrack of the film called TO TANGO TON HRISTOUGENNON (Christmas Tango), by director Nikos Koutelidakis co-produced amongst others by N-Orasis & Village Roadshow. Film Music Composed by Jannos Eolou Title Song: Mia Stigmi gia Panta Title Song Music: Jannos Eolou Title song lyrics: Eleni Zioga Singing by George Dalaras Symphonic Tangos, orchestral score, highly cinematic and emotional. Bitter-sweet love afairs, unfulfilled dreams. Powerfuly dramatic music with the signature of Jannos Eolou. String Orchestra: Christian Howes String Orchestra (New York, Columbus-Ohio/USA) String orchestra co-ordination: Charles Van Kirk (Boston/USA) Flute: Yiorgos Tsardakas Oboe: Dimitris Hatzoulis Clarinet: Stelios Kotrotsios Piano: Jánnos Eolou Bandoneon: Julian Rowlands Classic Guitar: Jon Perez Acoustic & Classical guitar: Spyros Kavalieratos Buzuki: Vaggelis Tsaples Traditional Clarinet: Kostas Kostoulis Traditional Violin: Rigas Makropoulos Soundtrack mixing/Mastering: N-CODE Soundtrack Produced by Jánnos Eolou All music is copyrighted. © 2011 Jannos Eolou - GEMA, AEPI.

1.1 Mia Stigmi Gia Panta/Voice:G. Dalaras/Lyrics:E. Zioga
1.2 Zoe's Theme (Main Theme)
1.3 Christmas in Athens
1.4 When It All Started
1.5 Silent Passion
1.6 They Are Leaving
1.7 His Secret Fire
1.8 Zoe's Empty Life
1.9 Passion Ignited
1.10 Loggo's Theme
1.11 Zoe's Waltz
1.12 Bad News
1.13 Looking for His Wife
1.14 Karamanides Zeybek
1.15 He Decides to Dance
1.16 Waiting for Midnight
1.17 Zoe Is Asleep
1.18 His First Definite Move
1.19 Touching His Things
1.20 Returning Home
1.21 Aggeliki Is Worried
1.22 The Dog Is Dead
1.23 He Escapes
1.24 His Determination
1.25 Their First Dance
1.26 It Was Just a Joke
1.27 Their Second Dance
1.28 Camp Inspection
1.29 He Won't Go After All
1.30 It Is Not About Geography
1.31 Kitchen Inspection
1.32 He Came Back
1.33 Their Trip Dance
1.34 Zoe Alone in the House
1.35 Smilling
1.36 Waking Up Next to Aphrodite
1.37 The Guitar Zeybek
1.38 Zoe Enters
1.39 She Is Now Looking for Him
1.40 All These Years of Loving You

Jannos Eolou: Tango Ton Hristougennon

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