Jared Cicon

Jared Cicon: Ate Tracks for 8 Smacks

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Artist: Jared Cicon

Artist: Jared Cicon
Title: Ate Tracks for 8 Smacks

For years I sought recognition as a singer/songwriter to the extent that I could find relative full time employment. These days however, I would consider writing for an established act in leiu of performing myself. It's not that I don't like performing, . . I do, . . but I would recieve satisfaction from having a successful artist cover my songs. And at this stage of my life, my wife and four children need their daddy and frankly I need them. My music has aired on AM and FM stations in the Los Angeles Radio Market. In the mid 80's on KLOS, and most recently, my jingle entitled, 'Political Human Sacrifice', aired in Los Angeles, on the John and Ken Show (KFI AM640), daily between Sept. And Nov. of 2004 I would love to score the soundtrack (or write some peices) for a publically acclaimed feature film. About the music: I grew up on Billy Joel. I ate, drank, and slept Billy Joel. I also loved what Don Henley and the Eagles did for rock. In later years I came to appreciate Danny Elfman (Oingo Boingo), and his motion picture film scores. All 3 artists have influenced my songwriting. Regarding 'Ate tracks for 8 Smacks', if you were to ask me to point you in a direction, . . . 'Nothing Gained' or 'Touch Me Tonight', (tracks 3 and 10), would be good spots to start. If you are looking for someone to offend or shock you with a lyric, you're in the wrong place. It's too easy, to insert profanity into a song and call it art. It is my problem with hip-hop and rap. I have little time for any art form that regularly embraces negativity. My test of a good song is to strip away everything but the lyrics. If the message/story is weak, so then is the song. I am critical about the recording process, and want to give the consumer an intellectual recording experience, especially in a sonic sinse. I try never to 'settle' on a recording unless it's sponanaeity was magical. If you listen to any of the tracks, please leave a review, I read them all. Time is precious, . . thank you for yours. Things I do when not writing music: Asst. Scoutmaster in the BSA Teach Photograpy in the Covina, Ca. Act/Direct/Produce short films/commercials A married father of 4 children Elder and active member in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Things I dig: Dominating on the Basketball Court, cooking,(being the host),trying new foods, any foods, but only foods that are naturally full of sugar, protein, fats, and carbs. Most of all I love to laugh and try my darndest to make others laugh too.

1.1 My First on the Lips Kiss
1.2 Touch Me Tonight
1.3 Nothing Gained
1.4 She's Out of Control
1.5 I Would Do It All Again
1.6 I Can Never Tell You That I Love You
1.7 Crazy Fine
1.8 Come Home to Me Now
1.9 She's Out of Control (Instrumental Remix)
1.10 Touch Me Tonight (Instrumental Re-Mix Long Play)

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