Jared McCloud

Jared McCloud: Painful Words of Loving Grace

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Artist: Jared McCloud

Artist: Jared McCloud
Title: Painful Words of Loving Grace

Jared McCloud's natural, earthy tone and thought provoking lyrics showcase his talent and ability to draw his audiences into his story. Starting his musical career in 'Hard Rock/Metal' bands, Jared decided to go solo, and released a self produced record while playing all over his native Connecticut to promote it. Honing his skill in small venues and coffee houses alike, Jared grew his fan base and wowed large music halls with his live performances. A mix of influences from Tom Waits to Chris Whitley, Springsteen to Motown, crowds started to take notice of McCloud's unique brand of songwriting. Picked up by Sling Slang Records in 2008, McCloud recorded a new record in a different direction than his hard rock past. 'Romance Of The Atlantic' was released in May of 2009 and was immediately embraced by critics and fans alike. McCloud began actively touring all over, from the Northeast to the Midwest, as well as performing on radio and television, and shared stages with national acts like Candlebox, Vertical Horizon, Griffin House, and Civil Twilight, His 'Indie Label debut' found success on college and nation radio, as well as gained attention from national critics and secured him endorsement deals with Alvarez guitars (McCloud's favorite acoustic) and Steve Clayton pics. With this arsenal of heartfelt, passionate songs, his 'anytime-anywhere' gigging attitude, and a new record, 'Painful Words Of Loving Grace' recorded with Jason Rubal (Dresden Dolls) of Seventh Wave Studios released in early 2011, expect to hear a lot more from Jared McCloud.

1.1 Awake
1.2 The Current State of Things to Come
1.3 11:11
1.4 Long Way Home
1.5 Ballad of Xavier J
1.6 The Comet
1.7 Behind Doors Closed
1.8 Only Chemicals
1.9 Baby's Sweet Lullaby
1.10 No Place for Lovers

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