Jaron Freeman-Fox

Jaron Freeman-Fox: Manic Almanac: Slow Mabius

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Title: Manic Almanac: Slow Mabius
Label: CD Baby

-Independent Music Awards Winner '...all of these various musical styles mix together beautifully; the album plays back exactly as Freeman-Fox intends: like a spiral inwards-a commentary on a series of journeys. There is no doubting that this is an ambitious and far-reaching artistic statement" - Spontaneous Combustion Magazine Manic Almanac : Slow Möbius - NNNN 'Jaron Freeman-Fox, violin in hand, is regularly spotted around town backing up musicians who occupy every imaginable niche of folk, fusion and experimental music. Manic Almanac chronicles Freeman-Fox's adventures across Canada and around the world (a BC native, he studied in India before coming to Toronto a few years ago). Opener Rainwood layers violins, guitar, bass, trumpets and percussion in a stimulating swirl that fans of Owen Pallett might appreciate. Caboose is hectic Gypsy jazz, while Prayer is a delicate, slow balance of East and West. Clarity is a love song to the violin, while Waterfall closes the album with swells of strings, whistling and chanting. This is an album best enjoyed on rainy mornings as coffee is brewing and you're missing the coast. Any coast." -NOW Magazine 'Out of the B.C. interior comes multi-instrumentalist musician Jaron Freeman-Fox with his debut release, Manic Almanac: Slow Möbius, pretty much defies description on his style of music with his brightly refreshing material that perks a lot of the senses inspired by his home and a sonjourn through India. Best track goes to 'Cirkusz Olvidado' that must be heard to be believed while an Indo-Celtic blend stirs up tracks 'Road,' 'Solkattu Cowboy' and the two-part 'Hunter S. Thompson's Polka,' but none more so than the musician's solemn tribute to a ailing friend with 'Prayer' really touches. Canada's next folk hero has arrived.' - Outreach Connection (Toronto)

1.1 Rainwood
1.2 Road
1.3 Caboose
1.4 Hunter S. Thompson's Polka, Pt. 1
1.5 Hunter S. Thompson's Polka, Pt. 2
1.6 Tribe of the Coda
1.7 The Off Set
1.8 Prayer
1.9 Clarity
1.10 Cirkusz Olvidado (Forgotten Circus)
1.11 Solkattu Cowboy
1.12 The Birds Will Sing Again
1.13 Waterfall

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