Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay: Inland

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jars of Clay

Artist: Jars of Clay
Title: Inland

CCM innovators, Jars of Clay, have been creating music together for over 17 years. Their new album, INLAND, is a result of a soul searching journey and contains 12 moving tracks created for ordinary days, when life is weighty & uncertain and that the life we think we are building is not always the one we receive. Even underneath the most cynical exteriors, this beautiful collection defines the space in between the way the world is and the way we know the world ought to be.

1.1 After the Fight
1.2 Age of Immature Mistakes
1.3 Reckless Forgiver/Human Race
1.4 Love in Hard Times
1.5 Pennsylvania
1.6 Loliness and Alcohol
1.7 I Don't Want You to Forget
1.8 Fall Asleep/Skin and Bones
1.9 Left Undone/Inland

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