Jason Arnold & the Stepsiders

Jason Arnold & the Stepsiders: With Friends Like These

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Artist: Jason Arnold & the Stepsiders
Title: With Friends Like These

Jason Arnold AND THE STEPSIDERS, with a sound forged in timeless tradition, have steadily been gaining recognition as purveyors of true Texas dancehall music around their home base of Austin, Texas, as well as places far beyond. Austin musicians have long had a reputation for doing things their own way, and these guys are no exception. Will you hear this band on mainstream country radio? Not likely. But when people talk of Texas musicians helping to keep pure country music alive, the Stepsiders are bound to be mentioned. Jason has had the good fortune to take the Stepsiders' music into the dancehalls throughout his beloved home state and also to international music festivals across the Atlantic. The Stepsiders' debut CD, 'With Friends Like These' is a stellar showcase of just what this band is capable of. Jason wrote most of the songs on the album, and the style is timeless. There are songs here that you've never heard, yet they'd be right at home alongside the chart-toppers (and B-sides) of the 1960's. Hard country music fans, this is one you're definitely gonna want. 'Your CD is DAMN GOOD...I'm serious.' - Cornell Hurd 'You should be proud. It is a great honky tonk traditional CD. Great production and you sound terrific. Big thumbs up!' - Len Brown, KOOP radio Austin '...very tasty Texas dancehall country' - Music Road 'Jason and The Stepsiders have provided us with true classic country music...Plenty of good piano, guitars, pedal steel, fiddle, drums and bass (Jason himself) found within the tracks. One drinkin' / bars and broken love song after another that stay true to form.' - Daniel J. Hinnebusch, MissLana.com.

1.1 With Friends Like These
1.2 King of the Honky Tonks
1.3 Save All My Pennies
1.4 Wild Turkey and 7 Up
1.5 White Walls
1.6 Shadow on My Heart
1.7 How Much Wine
1.8 A Shoulder to Cry on
1.9 The Simple Life
1.10 Dancing on the Edge of Love
1.11 Whiskey-O
1.12 Mr. Record Man

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