Jason Dudey

Jason Dudey: Exceeding All Expectations

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jason Dudey

Title: Exceeding All Expectations
Label: Stand Up

Jason Dudey may have a few hundred regrets, but his life is still exceeding all expectations: he's got a bedazzled snuggy, a working knowledge of the self-checkout lane and what to do in an elevator, and he recently co-adopted a tiger named Tanya. Sure, his backup plan remains "call my parents" and he got punked by his own grandma-but who hasn't? A three-time finalist in the World Series of Comedy and creator and producer of the "Come Out Laughing" touring comedy show, Dudey has the charm, skewed wit, and comedic reflexes you expect out of a Stand Up! Records artist with the contractually obligated inviting smile of a cruise ship veteran. His second stand-up record, "Exceeding All Expectations," is available now.

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