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Jason Riley: Funky Folk

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Artist: Jason Riley

Artist: Jason Riley
Title: Funky Folk

Funky Folk is Funky Fun for your Friends and Family Funky Folk is the upcoming release from guitarist Jason Riley on InnerThump Records. The 4th solo release in the artist's instrumental discography, Funky Folk features fresh arrangements of familiar folk melodies and some quiet-time classical too. Riley was invited to create some "children's" music for the United Way of St. Joseph and that evolved into enough material for a new album. The guitarist began in his home studio tracking guitars, mandolins, synth and percussion parts for time-honored children's favorites like "Camptown Races" and "Frere Jaques". Ubiquitous bassist, Craig Kew added tracks to much of the album and a couple of tunes feature Fresh Cut Grass fiddler, Terry Brock. Much of the pre-production was done by Mark Elting at (xxx) with final mixing and mastering credits going to Awestruck studios near Kansas City, MO. Funky Folk is a musical theme park with arrangements that explore Jazz, Blues, New Age, Bluegrass, Latin and Funk. The music feels as if it was created in a free and friendly, living room hootenanny from a groove-oriented cast of Funky Funsters. Each tune on the album was constructed from single-take improvisations on a predetermined form, style and main theme. The resulting concoctions retain the playful, grooving spirit of an organic process of joyful creation. Multi-tracked guitars, percussion, banjo, mandolin, hand clapping, body thumping, lap steel, guitar synth and a little harmonica create a unique texture where acoustic folk meets old-school beats. Artist Colby Walters was commissioned to create the original album artwork. "Colby's style was perfect for this project. The material he presented was the perfect compliment to the songs and just illustrated to whole spirit of the project." says Riley. The unique artwork has a funky, folk-art vibe and includes nods to classic funk icons, Bootsy Collins and Herbie Hancock, Romance era composers Listz and Dvorak as well as playroom favorites like fisher-price figurines. "He's created a sublime combination of childhood play and musical play which is inspired and plain fun." Since becoming a Dad in 2003, Riley has had plenty of time to get in-tune to his inner juvenile. The guitarist's last album of spirituals was released that same year, and while he's been able to balance 'world's greatest dad' with his performance and recording schedule with other artists in jazz, country, rock, reggae and classical prog, this album seems to come from the role of being a playing parent. Funky Folk is available in CD and by digital download around the globe via the world wide web at places like itunes.com, amazon.com, cdbaby.com and jasonriley.com. You can download the entire album or select individual tracks or "fun-size" singles. You can LIKE Funky Folk on Facebook, friend Jason Riley there and listen to the album for free at the artist's website. The album is poised for wide release starting January 28, 2011 and can be found at participating book, music, family and gift stores. You can also find the original lyrics and histories of these classic family favorites at the website. "The instrumental versions of the family classics presented on Funky Folk allow the listener to relate to these pieces in a purely musical way. Riley's interpretations have updated and rejuvenated a collection of music that had been considered old-fashioned and neglected in today's culture. Funky Folk blends classic repertoire and modern sensibility in a way that's sure enthrall kids, parents, friends, family and funky folk everywhere." Watch for Jason Riley and his Funky Funk-tions to visit your area in 2011.

1.1 Froggy Went a Courtin'
1.2 Frere Jaques
1.3 Camptown Races
1.4 Andante
1.5 I've Been Working on the Railroad
1.6 Allouette
1.7 Largo
1.8 Ain't Gonna Rain No More
1.9 Liebestraum

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