Javier Segura

Javier Segura: El Sol Desde Oriente: Selected & Unreleased Works

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Javier Segura

Title: El Sol Desde Oriente: Selected & Unreleased Works
Label: Passat Continu
Product Type: VINYL LP

Passat Continu offers the first-ever compilation by the Spanish musician Javier Segura (born 1955), who worked as an isolated cell from his home studio in the Canary Islands. Although Javier Segura has been recording music in his studio almost continuously since the '70s, his relevance and recognition as a musician has been limited to experimental music circles. The fact that he worked outside of the country's spotlight of power kept his name relatively unknown for years. Only the appreciation of a few collectors and disc jockeys kept the light on. Working for decades from the underground, Segura build up some brilliant ideas producing dozens of richly textured songs, stretching borders on every corner of the experimental music term. Using guitars, rhythm boxes, trumpets, synths, or simply pedals, Segura managed his own career and produced a handful of albums by himself: El Ser y El Tiempo (1976), No Mires Atrás (1983), Nostalgia de Lo Humano (1986), Lamento Bereber (1989), El Ángel Caído Vol I, La Lluvia Azul (2004), Levántate (2005), and El Orden y El Caos (2006). He also teamed up with Juan Belda on the noisy and only improv project Arte Moderno (1981-1982), using the Roland TR-808 rhythm box as a main actor for the first time in the post-Franco's Spain era. El Sol Desde Oriente uses three of those songs and adds six more previously unreleased productions recorded from 1980 to 1990, probably his most active and brilliant period of time. Vinyl comes with insert with previously unseen photos and liner notes by Javier Segura and Passat Continu's curator David G. Balasch.

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