Jaws: Keys to the Universe

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Jaws

Title: Keys to the Universe
Label: Hundebiss
Product Type: VINYL LP

It's been three years since Jaws, a.k.a. Robert Girardin debut released on Italian label Hundebiss. 'Keys to the Universe' is the second release by Jaws and continues the nightmare (ish) vision of rhythmic sounds. Stress Test's concept was one piece of music over two sides whereas 'Keys to the Universe' sees separate tracks. With both releases bass drum still thumps over much of the electronics and samples. Polisher starts like some cheap computer game but soon ends up in an orgy of rhythm, sound and Girardin's echo filled vocals.

1.1 Polisher
1.2 Stay Free
1.3 Infinity Blaze
1.4 In Line
1.5 Lay That Head on Me

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