Jaxon: Jaxon

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Artist: Jaxon

Artist: Jaxon
Title: Jaxon

Jaxon was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and was raised in the south valley area of town. He was exposed to live music at a very young age from his father who has been a musician for the majority of his lifetime. It was through his father that he was exposed to genres of music not typical for a Latino family from New Mexico. Many of the youth Jaxon's age were raised on various types of Spanish music but this was not the case for a young Jaxon. He was open to the musical elements of artists or groups like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and James Brown. Due to the fact that his father was a saxophone player he was also exposed to brass heavy groups such as Tower of Power and Earth, Wind and Fire. These many influences would serve to inspire Jaxon in his musical tastes and also in the creative process and musical elements that he himself applies to his songwriting and producing. In the later years of his musical journey he also discovered very eclectic and diverse artists. One in particular would be Prince. Through Prince, Jaxon discovered an artist and musician who could play numerous instruments therefore making him a well rounded producer. This inspired Jaxon to pick up instruments starting with the bass guitar. Jaxon then discovered that he loved to sing and realized the bass guitar was not really a voice accompanying instrument. This discovery leads Jaxon to the piano which became the main instrument of Jaxon's' musical abilities. He began taking piano lessons which finally introduced him to the elements of Jazz. This was a style of music that Jaxon wanted to learn more about so he began teachings from a very distinguished Jazz piano player from Astoria, New York named Stuart Macaskie. The elements of Jazz were very impressive to Jaxon which can also be heard in some of his songwriting and producing. Through his musical career he has produced and recorded music as well as performed as a lead singing front man for a locally popular R n'B band. This band has performed as opening acts for soul music legends such as James Brown and The Dazz Band. The timelessness that he has heard in his many musical influences has inspired him to attempt achieving that same timelessness in his own songwriting and producing. Stated plainly, Jaxon attempts to make music that will stand a test of time and bring sincere emotion to the hearts of many.

1.1 I Get High
1.2 Beautiful U
1.3 All I Feel Is U
1.4 Let's Get Wild
1.5 Hearts Barricade
1.6 Whatcha Got 4 Me
1.7 Bubble Bath
1.8 If I Can't Have U
1.9 Lay U Down
1.10 Rain
1.11 Feelin Kinda Freaky
1.12 S.O.S

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