Jay Brown

Jay Brown: Soul to Soul

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Artist: Jay Brown

Artist: Jay Brown
Title: Soul to Soul

When not performing with Lazybirds, Shantavaani, or Swing Guitars, Jay Brown still finds some time to play with his other band, The Jay Brown One-Man-Band. Formed in 2007, The Jay Brown One-Man-Band includes Jay Brown on vocals, guitar, harmonica, and percussion. In 2010 the band added a new member, Jay Brown, on piano. An American roots musician, Jay has hundreds of classic songs in his repertoire, as well as another hundred or so originals. Jay can often be found playing in pubs around Asheville, but he has also studied and performed music across the far reaches of the world, including New Orleans, California, India, Ghana, Peru, and Swannanoa.

1.1 Soul to Soul
1.2 Living Man
1.3 The Way It Ought to Be
1.4 Down Spiral Blues
1.5 We're Rollin
1.6 M.O.M
1.7 Carmella
1.8 Aditi
1.9 Moonflower
1.10 Documentation Blues
1.11 Fire in the Sky
1.12 Broken Wing

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