Jay Fury

Jay Fury: Kooltown

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Artist: Jay Fury

Artist: Jay Fury
Title: Kooltown

Just a sampling of those inspired lyrics that define the Habanero Shakers. Well I don't recommend you eat the pepper whole, take your time a little as you go, too much at once can cause you fire in the hole...So grab an orange pepper, chop it up for supper, put it in the pot and grab yourself another, yeah we're the ones who love the habanero. I like it hot...habanero, I like it hot....habanero, I like it hot...How bout you? Jay Fury's, going downtown, down to the dentist. It's drilling time....nitrous oxide, he's gonna get the bentist. Going down to KoolTown, going on down KoolTown with my buddy Jud. Don't care about the weather, but playin' on those drums he's pretty good. He ain't no regular drummer, got a sense of punctuality...he's got a car and a job, he acts with responsibility. Jay Fury...he's got 15 Wah Pedals, and he's ready to play some licks. Eyes of a Child, a tribute to Jerry Garcia The Trillium ain't just a flower baby...'We want our forests but they cut down all the trees, ship 'em to Japan, sink 'em underwater, then they mill 'em when the can...' So you're sittin' on an island rock, sippin' cocanut shakes in the shade. Layin' out with your girlfriend, small beads of sweat are glistening on her body...sexy, funky, island rock. I've got a Funky Bottom, I know it's really rockin', it's a realin' and a rollin', you might even say it's hoppin'. OOOOOHHHHH OOHHHH, Funky Bottom. Then finally, it's time for a Peace March.

1.1 I Like It Hot
1.2 Dentist
1.3 Kooltown
1.4 15 Wah Pedals
1.5 Eyes of a Child
1.6 Trillium Ain't Just a Flower, Baby!
1.7 Funky Island Rock
1.8 Funky Bottom
1.9 Peace March

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