Jay Linden

Jay Linden: Under the Radar

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Artist: Jay Linden

Artist: Jay Linden
Title: Under the Radar

'Under the radar' -- doing something undetected. Sometimes this phrase is used to mean 'getting away with something', as in doing something nefarious without getting caught. Sometimes it just means doing something and not getting noticed. Jay Linden has been making music, all-told, for over 45 years, since he was a pre-teen. He plays dozens of instruments, and has written dozens and knows and plays thousands of songs. But mostly, he remains a pretty well guarded secret outside of the people in the communities where he's lived. He's unabashedly acoustic, unabashedly folk rooted. His musical trail comes up from Woody, Pete, Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family, through Dylan, Johnny Cash and the 50s folk scare and through contemporaries like Townes, Willie P, Dolly Parton, Dave Carter and more. He writes and sings memorable folk songs and plays a lot of fretted and stringy things, flutes, hand drums, and novelty instruments, some more novel than others. The new album, 'Under The Radar' is again filled with road miles and timelessness. Jay's songs are slices of universe with mature, universal themes, impeccable lyrics, simple yet elegant melodies ... poignancy without too much pathos ... they float in time and space like a Monet painting and a Douglas Adams story. Complementing his own songs are five covers -- new ones played in old ways, and old ones played in new ways. And all-told, in addition to guitar, Jay plays harmonica, banjo, cumbus saz, tambura, harmonium, backwards lowered bass Jew's harp, Maui Xaphoon pocket saxophone, bass kazoo, and yes, a little nose flute. Sorry, still no cuatro. Like the first album 'Satchel', the production remains sparse and folksy. Recorded in Jay's living room, produced, mixed and mastered by Colin Linden. Colin plays some guitar, dobro, mandolin, bass, etc. Yes, they're related, a little. Stand-out bass from Chris Donahue, the stuff played with a bow, recorded in Nashville. Nine songs by Jay, plus: * a cumbus saz version of Townes Van Zandt's 'Snake Song', * a banjo version of Lowell George's '20 Million Things', * a tambura/harmonium version of Willie P. Bennett's 'One Vessel', * Willie's previously unrecorded 'What's The Matter With You', * and the bonus track, 'That Lucky Old Sun' by Haven Gillespie & Beasley Smith, a very old jazz/pop standard that Jay has loved since almost it was new. Jay needs to use all three of his guitar chords for this one! The 2006 album 'Satchel' spent three months among the top radio played Canadian folk albums in both Canada and the US. And 'Under The Radar'? One hopes! 45-plus years of road wear and miles and music. In short, Jay Linden must be one of the world's most slowly emerging talents. Truly, under the radar.

1.1 Baltimore
1.2 Foot of Glory
1.3 When the Morning Came Around
1.4 Some Folks Do
1.5 When the Time Is Gone
1.6 Insert Levity Here (Family Safe!)
1.7 One Vessel
1.8 Train
1.9 Snake Song
1.10 Coming Through
1.11 It's a Crooked Train
1.12 20 Million Things
1.13 What's the Matter with You
1.14 I Will Be Home
1.15 Adagio for Bootz and Nose Flute
1.16 That Lucky Old Sun

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