Jay Santo

Jay Santo: Espiria

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Artist: Jay Santo

Artist: Jay Santo
Title: Espiria

If there is a musician who feels as though he can breathe in any style of music, it is guitarist and composer Jay Santo. From Metal to Classical to Jazz and everything in between, Jay has worked hard for many years to define a distinct style that is all his own. His releases include his own solo classical guitar debut 'Espiria' and the long awaited debut of the his Prog. Metal Band Crimson Sky CD. Jay received his Associate of Fine Arts degree in Classical Music from the Community College of Rhode Island in 1996. From there he attained his Bachelor's degree in Music Education with a minor in Jazz studies from Rhode Island College in 2002. Jay currently teaches general music at Hugh Cole Elementary School in Warren RI. He also teaches private guitar lessons at Roberts Music in West Warwick, RI.

1.1 Predlude 1
1.2 Man I Never Knew
1.3 Mad Hunter
1.4 Zia - Idma
1.5 Espiria
1.6 Pictures
1.7 Caravan
1.8 Bellhaven
1.9 Heaven's Gate

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