Jay Scott Berry

Jay Scott Berry: Keepsake

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Artist: Jay Scott Berry

Artist: Jay Scott Berry
Title: Keepsake

This collection was recorded at the private studio of Charlie Chalmers, on the shores of Table Rock Lake in Branson, MO. A legendary musician and producer, Charlie has 7 songs in the Grammy Hall of Fame. 'I had a very specific sound in mind', Jay explains, 'something old, something new...something that's been lost along the way...before click tracks, loops, samples or vocal processors.' As producer, Jay's unwavering directive was simple: To capture an exquisite vocal and acoustic sound...'Just pure music!'. With a team of top musicians and vocalists, Jay and Charlie set out in search of that elusive treasure. 'I figure that you should sing the songs you love and love the songs you sing', Jay says. 'so I chose some of my favorite songs, those rare tunes that can reach out and touch the audience.' The result is a fresh, vibrant sound, which breathes new life into the songs themselves while firmly establishing Jay as a rising star in modern music.

1.1 Turn the Page
1.2 Please Come to Boston
1.3 Solitary Man
1.4 I Loved Her First
1.5 Pussywillows, Cattails
1.6 Brown Eyed Girl
1.7 Play Me
1.8 Runaround Sue
1.9 Wonderful Tonight
1.10 A Love Song
1.11 Hallelujah

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