Jay Stetzer

Jay Stetzer: World Full of Stories

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jay Stetzer

Title: World Full of Stories
Label: CD Baby

Where in the world do folktales come from? Let's take a little trip and find out... a little trip around the globe! We'll board our imaginary jet and travel through a dozen cultures, sampling their stories along the way. Now, don't be surprised if you learn something from each country you visit. No matter where you travel, people have stories to tell... a world full of stories... stories full of worlds. And each of their stories carries an important message for us all. Oh, and one more thing. You can expect to return home with a head full of visions and a heart full of joy! So fasten your seat belts... ...and prepare for takeoff!

1.1 Common Sense
1.2 Two Brothers
1.3 Arachne
1.4 One Night in Paradise
1.5 Chili Pepper Champion
1.6 The Choice to Die
1.7 Egg Seller
1.8 Herschel and the Wedding
1.9 Good News, Bad News
1.10 A Grain of Rice
1.11 Stonecutter
1.12 Hickory Dock

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