Jayme Kelly Curtis

Jayme Kelly Curtis: In a Rushing Stream

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Artist: Jayme Kelly Curtis
Title: In a Rushing Stream

'Fantastic songs, good musicians, and most of all, a brilliant voice.' Dirk Stursberg, Radio 98.6, Berlin, Germany 'I received your album this morning and just finished listening to it all in one shot. You did a great job on the album (as opposed to a few songs and filler.) It comes across as very successfully done as a whole. I'll air this next Saturday night on my station and probably play cuts 1-4 the first week. I want the listeners to hear the ideas and feelings as you planned them on the album. It feels good. Let me know when your next one is released.' Jack 'Sandman' Garrison, WFIT FM, Melbourne, FLA Be sure to check out Jayme's latest CD, Sugar & Sand. Click the link at left to see why critics are raving! IN A RUSHING STREAM - DJ'S GUIDE 1) Documentary (2:32) Earnest pop vocals backed with guitar and lush piano; the past is viewed with neither love nor hate, it simply is 2) Alchemy (4:33) A mystical road song about personal growth and transformation with soul-searing 'flamenco' guitar 3) Lifeline (3:06) Sassy, bad-girl ragtime touching on issues of security and sexual politics, with a strong downbeat and honky tonk piano 4) Big City Blues (2:55) Mournful, sparse, lonesome blues ballad 5) Lanternland (3:33) Salsa-inspired story/folk. In his 16th century satire, Francois Rabelais speaks of the Island of Lanterns, where literary charlatans waste time displaying their wonderful learning and pretending true knowledge 6) Sideshow (3:05) The excesses of youth are celebrated in this folk rock, tongue-in-cheek story song featuring folk accordion and circus percussion 7) Searchlight (3:07) Critical people come under fire in this up tempo pop song with multi-textured 'Wall of Sound' harmonies and searing violin 8) Locked Out (3:13) A rock anthem for anyone who has ever been or felt disenfranchised by the status quo. A mover with smoking electric guitar by rock veteran Dave Meniketti of legendary 80's band Y&T 9) Magic Colorado (5:06) Nostalgic, lyrical country/folk song about a youthful relationship left behind; featuring Celtic harp 10) Years May Go By (5:07) We find peace only when we recognize our place in the continuum. An exultation of open chords and lush piano 11) The Shape of Your Heart (4:11) Affirmation of a happy love relationship; unusual, ornamental bass line 12) Circle of Joy (4:13) Positive affirmations framed by soul-informed country gospel and joyful, soaring harmonies.

1.1 Documentary
1.2 Alchemy
1.3 Lifeline
1.4 Big City Blues
1.5 Lanternland
1.6 Sideshow
1.7 Searchlight
1.8 Locked Out
1.9 Magic Colorado
1.10 Years May Go By
1.11 Shape of Your Heart
1.12 Circle of Joy

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